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Real Patient Stories

Rachel’s Breast Augmentation and Liposuction

“My surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” says Rachel. “I am beyond happy with my results, and that is all because of Dr. Grant Stevens and his amazing team!” Rachel decided on both breast augmentation and liposuction to create her ideal look, and the doctors and staff at Marina Plastic Surgery made sure that her experience was excellent as well.*
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Dr. Stevens’ Body Contouring

Like many of the patients he serves, Dr. Grant Stevens, Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, also has aspects of his appearance that he would like to improve. He offers several procedures for body contouring, one of the latest being CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™. This Los Angeles plastic surgeon was so excited about the results of this treatment that he decided to try it for himself!*
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Todd’s Breast Reduction

Todd, like many men across America, struggled with gynecomastia (an enlarged, feminine breast appearance) in his teen years. This condition, commonly occurring during puberty, can make many teens self-conscious about their appearance.

“I was in great shape as a teenager – I started playing football at age 12,” says Todd, now 22. “But even though I worked out a lot, I couldn’t seem to lose the fat in my chest. I’d lift weights and exercise, but never got the muscle definition to show for my efforts.”*
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Small Procedure, Big Results

As the former front office manager at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, Christina has seen first-hand the changes plastic surgery in Los Angeles can make in patients’ lives. “I saw countless happy patients coming through our office, and their results and ‘after’ photos spoke for themselves.” Nevertheless, like many young women, she tried to manage her “trouble spots” through diet and exercise.*
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Kathleen’s Total Body Transformation

Kathleen had been obese all of her life. While she’d managed to lose 150 pounds on three different occasions, her struggle to recover from her compulsive overeating continued until she found and committed to following a strict 12-step program. While on the program, she lost 160 pounds and knew that this time she would keep the weight off. With this certainty, Kathleen had the courage to continue with her body transformation.*
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Not Your Basic Housewife Anymore

“I’m just your basic Midwestern housewife,” Andrea says. Then she pauses. “Well, maybe not so basic anymore.” After mommy makeover plastic surgery – breast augmentation, liposculpture and a tummy tuck in Los Angeles – people Andrea barely knows stop her and say, “Oh my gosh, you look great! What did you do?”*
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An Extraordinary Life by Design

In some ways, Patty is not a typical plastic surgery patient. For one thing, she let herself be influenced by what others might think for three years before getting serious about breast implant surgery. But after finally deciding to put her figure in the hands of Dr. Grant Stevens, Patty now says she’s living “an extraordinary life by design.”

“I couldn’t be happier, and I attract happy people to me”… *
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It Takes Commitment

After raising her kids, putting herself through school and advancing in her career, Julie was ready to do something for herself. She lost 20 pounds through diet and exercise, then started thinking about mommy makeover surgery.

Today, Julie has her body back. “I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to get back into a bikini, or skinny jeans or a cocktail dress.” As the Southern California woman nears her 40th birthday, she says, “I feel more attractive, more self-confident and more comfortable than ever”….*
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Christie’s Got Her Body Back

Christie remembers thinking she had devoted ten years to being a mom and putting her children first. She was ready to fulfill her own needs, and she wanted to feel a little more voluptuous and sexy. Prior to surgery she remembers she “didn’t feel my own skin.”

Four months later Christie says she is pleased. No, make that “very ecstatic!” She’s very happy with her gummy bear implants. She says, “I really feel like I don’t have implants inside me. They look natural and feel natural”….*
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Gummy Bears for Eva’s Big Day

What do you do when you’re planning the wedding of your dreams and you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, but you don’t quite fill it out? When your sisters and your mom tease you about how many socks you’ll need to stuff in your bra?

Eva said she wanted to start married life being very happy with her shape, and that perfect wedding dress was the final push she needed to move forward with surgery. “I wanted to look great for my wedding”….*
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A Nose that Looks More Like Me

“My nose was too big for my face,” said Eva. And after surgery? “It’s like night and day. It’s 100% improvement.'”

“People say my new nose looks more natural on me than the nose I had before. Take a look at my pictures; you’ll say so too”…*
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Beautiful, Normal Breasts; Beautiful Breastfed Daughter

“It’s a bit hard to explain,” said Becca, “but I just wasn’t sure I deserved surgery. I didn’t think it was possible for me. It felt more like a dream than a plan for a long time.”

Becca’s dream of having normal sized breasts started early. “I developed early and quickly,” she said. “I was a C by about age 13″….*
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Her Breasts are No Longer Center Stage: Helen’s Breast Reduction

Helen is an assistant director/production assistant in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Until recently, one of Helen’s attributes commanded too much of the limelight – her breast size. “I was big in high school,” she said. “I felt people looked at my chest when they talked to me instead of at my face, and many of them actually did.”

By the time she reached full adulthood and began her career, Helen was buying bras with size G cups….*
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A New Beginning in New Orleans

A full DD from the time she was in junior high school, Sheila was tired of frequent back and neck pain, ill-fitting clothes and the limits to her physical activity. After learning about breast reduction surgery by watching Dr. Stevens on television, Sheila began looking into traveling to Los Angeles for her breast reduction surgery.*
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Christy’s Perfect Breasts

Christy knew it was the perfect time to fine tune her body. She found the right surgeon and made important decisions about her new look. Now Christy reflects on what “the perfect breast” means to her.*
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Penny’s Breast Reduction

Of her breast reduction surgery, Penny says, “My part was easy – they did everything – and the beautiful result is the icing on the cake. My recovery was easy-breezy. It was a walk in the park. I had to take it easy, but I was up doing as much stuff as could. I didn’t have any sharp pains or anything like that.”

And her “best recommendation,” she adds, is to go to the surgeon she chose at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.*
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*Individual results may vary

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